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Possibility of true sustainability

True sustainability is only possible with connection to our land, our soil, the earth

by living at nature's pace

not racing with days and the nights

honouring nature and it's rhythms

how can you expect a person to have that connection and reverence when they've have been distanced and separated from the true essence of life

from the land, from the soil, from the magic of nature

How can there be that depth of gratitude for a piece of fabric

when you have never seen cotton grow

when you have never watched it going from a seed to the cloudy fluff

when you don't know how many days, water, hands and care it took for it get there

when you have never been part of the harvesting, the sorting, the cleaning, the making of every thread by hand

never seen a charkha spin

never listened to the songs sung while spinning

the connection of a woman to her charkha

when you have never felt that connection to the thread

when you have never seen those threads being woven and taking a new form

the becoming of a fabric

when you are connected to the land and the hands that brought it all to life

then it will different, how you touch it, treat it, cut it, sew it

when you see the elements, the lives interwoven into a piece of cloth


it becomes sacred

It will be like worship

like devotion

it will be alive

it will be art

an offering of gratitude to all that is


it becomes sacred

true sustainability comes from connection and an open heart

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