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Here I am naked...

Feeling crippled to do anything. Like I have nothing to offer. The mind in spirals of damaging thoughts. Paralyzing me to take any actions. Hands shivering, fingers hesitant to move, to type. What is the end result? Why would anyone read what you have to say. It's all pointless.

With all of that here I am writing because I don't want to remain blocked. This business is one of my dreams. The thought says, my feelings, my humanness isn't relevant to the business. Well I say they are, it is after all an extension of me. It reflects my state of being.

And today I just want to express myself. I want to do this for me. For the child within that's scared, confused, a little lost. It's alright. You can be that way and still show up here. You can be that way and still be seen. It's alright that you don't know the answers. It's alright that you don't know the next steps. It's alright that you don't have everything figured out. It's alright for you to be where you are, exactly how you are. It's alright.

This space is for you. You are allowed to say whatever it is that is in your heart, on your mind, weighing you down. This space is for you, holding you in loving embrace, in grace. You are allowed to breakdown and cry. You are allowed to feel disheartened, discouraged and let it all out. You are allowed to feel grief for the sales you didn't have, for the products not sold, for the customers you didn't get. You are allowed to be sad about it all. You are allowed to grieve the losses you incurred. The failed attempts, the lost hope.

The injuries to our hearts that we justify with our minds. Feel them for once, let me flow. Otherwise they become blocks turning you bitter and cold, making you incapable of making any moves.

A business is more than strategies, it's a piece of my heart, for many it's their art. Today, I see, recognize, feel the artistic injuries. I mourn and soothe my scars. This is for the child inside, you can do it even when it seems hard. I've got you. You can rest, take a break, show up as you are. No need to quit, hide or go somewhere far. Be here in your truth, all you need is small steps, not a big leap to reach the stars.


your truest friend,

the mentor within

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