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the big gap

The ideal, the dream, the vision in your mind

the perfect world you see in you your eyes

the place where you wanna be

the jump you wanna make from here to there

the distance too big, in what is and what you wanna see

the anxiety

how will it be?


the world running on a structure - flawed, full of flees rotting, not working

the cycles in the current society

where do I fit in, "to be or not to be."

can't see who I am clearly

what do I do?

to bridge this gap that feels too big for the little me

I know too much to turn a blind eye and continue business normally

focus on sales and just my wellbeing without taking the whole as a part of me

without questioning

no I can't bear it

a business that isn't fully what you want it to be

how do you bring it with you as you leave the false realities

when you know what you didn't know before

when you see what you didn't see before

how do you hold an image of a different world and function in the false reality

an urge to abandon it and shut it all down

burn it all to the ground

I don't know how to be

how can I stay here, knowing there's a better way

I want true sustainability

The vision I see, self sustaining communities, living whole, blissful, abundant lives

With everything made locally by the members of the community

small sustainable villages

where people grow their own crops, collect their own raw materials and make what they need

where community members support each other and live in a harmonious system

where sustainability exists naturally

they won't harm their own land, waste any resources

will only take as much as they need

they will work with nature

and know we're all one, stronger together

there will be unity, not greed

But for that a huge shift in consciousness is needed, awakening is needed

Skills are needed, time is needed

a lot of learning and unlearning is needed

In the mean time, I'll be right here

remembering the future isn't bigger than what is

the ideals, the perfect worlds in our minds

utopian societies with no problems

will that ever be?

there will always be something

so let yourself breathe

live this life with some glee

you don't have to figure it all out

and fix the entire society

do what feels good

do what feels freeing

find your joy, share your joy

focus on what is right and add to it

it's ok, it's alright

the weight of the world isn't your to carry

let yourself rest

give yourself a break

live a little

loosen up

leave the rest to the one who made you and me.

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