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Connection, our north star

why are we running after money

purchasing a daily task

no time for gardening, gotta work to buy food from the bazaar

working to buy things you don’t need and maybe don’t even want

wanting to feel better about who you think you are

not wanting to feel left out

accomplishments that get you gold stars by people who have never known your heart

some say they don’t have a choice, for some it’s a want

others have never questioned why is it they want what they say want

running after goals of becoming something

to get a house, a car

to make a living or to be rich, a superstar

Illusory things that will never satisfy our soul or our hearts

Rich we all already are

Ask an animal, any other being on the planet if they're rich or poor

ask if they have to work to "be" something other than who they are

We just like them are whole, abundant, given everything we need without ask

The earth is our home, giving us food, water, sunshine and everything for shelter, clothing, beauty and art

So why are people struggling, suffering, going hungry, selling their souls, working with a stone on their hearts

Why is everyone walking around stressed, with no time for a laugh, to wonder, to stare at the stars

why do people seek escapes and wanna go far

to forget it all

to get a moment of life, a glimpse of joy

a relief from this pressure

a life that feels like war

tired, exhausted, grey

but can't stop until there are no more 'swas'

Living in fear, in lack

Separate, alone, isolated

Even when surrounded by a pack

Forgetting who they are

Can't stand each other; single houses, nuclear families and everyone has a car

And bills for those things become the most important task

Who are you paying for that which is your right

a life

becoming willing slaves

first there were kings, dictators and now we willing give away our rights

Bowing down to a facade

The scary voice that's nothing but a scam

did you ever ask

who is behind the curtain

Why are you submitting, agreeing

a bunch of monkeys doing everything to keep you from remembering who you are

we are the people

all equal with equal rights to life

not owners but stewards of our lands and waterfalls

we need to take charge

when we become conscious of our scars

when we move from our truth and not from our childhood stories and beliefs that are false

when we see through the illusions

there will be peace not war

we will create our own communities, our villages, our tribes

humans taking care of each other without a charge

a world that is one

where love is the currency and connection our north star

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