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About me 

Burning high as fire, diving deep into the ocean. And there it is in between, alchemy. 


My name is Yashmeen. 

I am an artist rediscovering herself. I sew, I write, I sing, I dance, I make pottery, I also grow herbs and of course I love natural fabrics. 
I am always learning a skill or a new craft. When I graduated from business school none of this was even in sight. My inner artist was almost forgotten, I was asleep to life. I couldn't even imagine to be here or be who I am now. 

Life has awakened me to myself. Since the last few years I've been integrating all the lost parts. Becoming anew and re-birthing to be more and more me. As a result this business changed many shapes and forms. I started it in May 2017 after my two months long research trip to India.

I intend to bring to you the most wholesome and beautiful fabrics. Fabrics that evoke love, fabrics that evoke emotions. Thank you for being here. 

With gratitude, 


A dreamy small business

A small business making waves in the vast ocean of new possibilities.


A business operating with awareness, consciousness and holistic care for all. Taking into consideration the impact of our actions on the environment, animals and people. Building and sustaining a relationship of love with mother nature. Co-existing in harmony with everything that is.


Truly sustainable practices take their time, requiring our patience. So we wait as nature brews its magic for us. As humans rest, laugh, cry, play, feel, think, connect and stare into the sky. Then we create, then we work. Maintaining a balance in and around us.


Our focus on quality, on the art of a craft. Not forcing the land to produce more than it can sustain or humans to give more than they can give.


Working with people who carry respect and honour in their hearts. Who feel connected to the earth and the sky. We create magic, we create love.


Offering pieces of our selves, we spark a light in whoever comes in contact. We share something real, something alive.


A dreamy small business..

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